A long trajectory LONG of challenges and smart solutions

Technology is in constant evolution. To consolidate oneself as a reference it is necessary to pay attention to innovations and seek excellence in each project.

Founded in 1946, over the years it has taken part in technological partnerships and strategies which have allowed its own technical development in every area of performance. Today, it is a company 100% Brazilian with tradition and development in the supply of machines, equipment and processes for large beverage manufacturers in Brazil and Latin America.

Engineering has always been the strong point of the organization, accompanying market evolution and developing differentiated solutions. The result is a large product line to offer the most appropriate solution for each requirement, using the best technology as a tool to attain the objectives expected.

As important as making available cutting-edge tools is thinking case by case. Sometimes, the ideal solution is not the most complex one. Thanks to its experience Liess is ready to analyze and understand all the market demands, so as to offer the best technology respecting the features and particularities of each customer and its requirements.

Performance in the Market

In the brewery segment, Liess offers Brew House, Yeast and FM Cellars, Complete Filtration Rooms, Systems of Deaeration and Blending of Beer, composing the complete block of the production process.

In the processes of manufacturing soft drinks and treatment of sugar, Liess applies technological resources developed in a pioneering and innovating manner. The syrup plants are designed focusing on the end result, ensuring besides quality, flexibility, yield and incomparable operating costs.

Traditional supplier of Bottle Washers, Tunnel Pasteurizers and CIP Stations for Bottling Lines, Liess maintains a varied and flexible product line, with equipment which can handle the widest range of productions and specifications. Always with high yield and low operating costs and consumption of water and energy.

In the road line, Liess is a reference in the market of special implements, with stainless steel and aluminum grain silos and tanks. The equipment is developed especially for each application, resulting in less weight itself and greater cargo capacity, ensuring shorter ROI time.

Main Product Lines

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