Stainless Steel Boiler Shop

An important differential of Liess is technical mastery in boiler shop and welding in stainless steel. The services of manufacturing and assembling tanks and other equipment employ cutting-edge technologies, modern processes of cutting, welding and devices especially developed to ensure the quality and reliability of all our products.

Two production lines of torispherical heads allow total autonomy in manufacturing tanks, ensuring quality and terms. On the welding area, we have our own professionals for developing processes, qualification and certification of welders.

The production stages of the company are managed through a modern ERP system, with total control and traceability of the operations and materials employed.


Pillow Plate

Liess is the only Brazilian company which has the Pillow Plate system for producing heating and cooling liners for all the equipment of the brew house and tanks in general. This process consists of welding with laser technology the liner sheets directly in the equipment structure. The result is a safe thermal Exchange system of high yield, producing operating economy, qualified end product and durability of the installations.


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