From grinding malt to filtered beer, along the 70 years’ trajectory in this market, Technologies were developed and experience gained ensuring acknowledgement for the Liess equipment. Whatever the size of the project, Liess has the best technology for each application.

Cooking rooms, cellars and filtration rooms. The company has one of the most complete lines to handle each type of entrepreneurship, from basic design to commissioning, passing by executive project, selection of equipment, manufacturing and assembly

Brew House Cellars Filtration Candle Filter

Brew House

Brew House

The Brew House is the heart of the brewery and is responsible for a series of essential steps for preparing a quality beer. To ensure an unequalled process standard, Liess has the most advanced technology and great experience of performing in the sector, having supplied complete rooms and process upgrades for the large Brazilian and South American breweries for more than 30 years. The clarity of the mash, a great number of cookings per day and the high yield of the raw material are among the main attributes of this product, ensuring an operating result highlighted for installation. Another important point is the integrated regenerative system, which reduces energy consumption during the cooking process.


Equipment for Brew Houses

  • Lauter Brewers;
  • Grits/Rice Brewers;
  • Filtration Tuns;
  • Mash Brewers;
  • Rotapool;
  • Energy Recovery System (Pfaduko);
  • Hot Water Tanks;
  • Cold Water Tanks;
  • Intermediary Tanks;
  • CIP System;
  • Process -Piping;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Automation;
  • Process Upgrades.

Lauter, Rice and Grits Brewers
Developed with a modern laser welding technology, with pillow-plate internal heating liners, the Liess brewers allow high heating rates and reduced mash process time. They ensure control and excellence of the end product, satisfying the most demanding quality standards.



 Filtration Tunsbrassagem
Designed to obtain high yield of the raw material, making maximum use of the extract. The automated operation, with monitoring of the main variables during the filtration process, allows cycles of up to 12 brews a day. Clear and high yield mash.



Mash Brewer
One most complex and important processes of the Brew House. High yield internal heating system, with specific evaporation rate for each phase of the process. Mash with guaranteed features.



 Energy Recovery System (PFADUKO) sre
Integrated system of the Brew House to reduce energy consumption using the evaporation heat of the mash. The energy recovered from the evaporation is used for heating the process water, reducing the consumption of installation vapor. It can be increased in existing rooms through analysis of thermal and economic feasibility.


Separator for hydrodynamic decanting of the trub present in the mash after the boiling. Its optimized design ensures maximum removal of impurities, ensuring that the mash sent to the Fermentation Tanks is clearer, Reducing beer losses in the tank purge process at the end of the fermentation. The removal of the trub at the end of the decanting occurs by automatic process, with rotary device with high pressure water jets, quickly and safely.


Beer Cellars

Liess is a traditional supplier of Tanks of Fermentation, Maturation, Pressure for beer and for Ferment Cellars, having its own infrastructure of engineering, production and assembly dedicated to this market. The tanks are dimensioned according to international standards, being made with a high degree of finishing and in accordance with the particularities of the customer. The cooling liners are made using the exclusive Pillow-Plate system, which consists of welding with laser technology the plates of the liners directly in the tank structure. The result is a high yield and safe thermal exchange system, resulting in operating economy and long useful life of the equipment.

These tanks can be supplied in an extensive range of sizes and volumes, fulfilling all the requirements of modern breweries, being delivered whole or mounted in the assembly place. The definition is determined by the feasibility studies related to the size of the tank and transportation costs, with the same degree of finishing and particularity, always seeking the least investment for the customer. Besides the tanks, Liess has technology and tradition in supplying all the piping of the cellars, with manual, semiautomatic and automatic systems, thus being able to supply complete cellars in turnkey system or in parts, as per the demand of each situation.



  • Fermentation Tanks;
  • Maturing Tanks;
  • Pressure Tanks;
  • Ferment Tanks;
  • Process -Piping;
  • CIP System;
  • Instrumentation;
  • Automation.


Beer Filtration

Liess offers complete installations for Filtration and Blending of Beer designed and produced in Brazil, constituted of components which are a reference in the global market, with advantages of cost and technical assistance, operating manually or automatically. Besides the tanks, piping and general components of the process, there is the option of supplying or integrating equipment of deaeration, blending and carbonatation, always with the guarantee of safe and reliable functioning. We offer the option of Liess Candle Filters, produced in Brazil with components and accessories of the best global suppliers, as well as the possibility of integrating filters of other brands or membrane technology as per each customer’s specification.


  • Silica-Gel Dosage System;
  • Centrifuge Beer Tank;
  • Beer Cooler;
  • Candle Filter with Pre-Coat;
  • Lung Tank for Beer;
  • Tank for Deaerated Water;
  • Tank for Recovered Beer;
  • Tank for Recovered Ferment;
  • Beer first/last Tank;
  • Bag type Safety Filters;
  • Carbonator for Beer;
  • Tanks for Additives;
  • PVPP Filter;

Candle Filter

Candle Filter

With global level technology, the Liess Candle Filter is the first one produced in Brazil, with an advanced conception design, easy to operate and with a cost x benefit ratio differentiated in the market.



  • Filtering elements of welded continual spirals;
  • Components and accessories of the best global level suppliers;
  • Low consumption of diatomaceous earth;
  • Low consumption of cleaning water;
  • Low maintenance.

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