The Company

A 100% Brazilian company specialized in beverage processing, with complete beer and soft drink production solutions. From raw material to finished beverage, complying with most stringent specifications, Liess develops solutions not only committed to quality and performance parameters, but also aligned with aspects of sustainability and preserving natural and economic resources, ensuring an excellent cost-benefit ratio for its clients' investments.

The company’s wide range of products represents the result of decades of work and dedication to this market, with the specialization and accumulated experience to offer the most appropriate solution for each need, using the best technology as a tool to achieve desired results.

For Liess, the best technology is the kind that serves a client’s needs, respecting their operating profile, not always using the most advanced technology, but the kind best suited to their reality.

Liess employs a solid engineering staff responsible for…

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One of Liess’ important competitive advantages is our technical mastery of metal shop technology and stainless steel welding.

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Liess employs its own assembly staff, with complete control over the process.

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Liess Máquinas e Equipamentos Ltda

Rua Liberdade, 951 – CEP.: 92020-240 – Canoas

RS - Brasil
Phone: +55 (51) 3477 1122

Fax: +55 (51) 3477 2406